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Petros Koublis


Rick Copsey - Paintscapes (2012)

"The Paintscapes series presents photographs of wet paint that seem to circumvent the inherent ‘truth’ of the camera as the apparent verisimilitude of each image renders problematic what constitutes reality.

As illusions, the Paintscapes works mirror Kant’s idea of the sublime in nature as ‘formless and shapeless’ such as the ocean or the sky; as such, they associate the viscous flows of paint with the amorphousness of the sea.

The allusion to the Kantian sublime is a Postmodernist attack on Modernism’s exaltation of pictorial form as finite; instead, the sublime can be infinite as well as formless. As works that manifest the sublime, their condition as a hyperreality presents what appear to be representations of various sea scenes as images without referents where reality and illusion are brought into question.”


Christopher Payne (USA) - Textiles (2010-2014)

Christopher Payne specializes in the documentation of America’s vanishing architecture and industrial landscape. Trained as an architect, he is fascinated by how things are purposefully designed and constructed, and how they work. His first book, New York’s Forgotten Substations: The Power Behind the Subway, offered dramatic, rare views of the behemoth machines that are hidden behind modest facades in New York City. His second book, Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals, which includes an essay by the renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks, was the result of a seven-year survey of America’s vast and largely shuttered state mental institutions. Payne’s forthcoming book, North Brother Island: The Last Unknown Place in New York City, explores an uninhabited island of ruins in the East River. Payne’s photographs invoke the former grandeur of the site over different seasons, capturing hints of buried streets and infrastructure now reclaimed by nature, while also offering a unique glimpse into a city’s future without people.

Payne’s recent work, including a series in progress on the American textile industry, has veered away from the documentation of the obsolete towards a celebration of craftsmanship and small-scale manufacturing that are persevering in the face of global competition and evolutions in industrial processes. Nearing completion is One Steinway Place, a tour through the famous Steinway & Sons piano factory in Astoria, Queens. Here a team of skilled workers creates exquisite instruments considered to be some of the finest in the world. Payne captures moments of the choreographies of production and assembly, and inspects the parts and pieces of the instruments that will never be visible outside of the factory, telling a story of intricacy, precision, and care he fears is becoming all too rare in the American workplace.

© All images courtesy the artist

[more Christopher Payne | artist found at photojojo]

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Paris || March, 2014
(views from the Eiffel Tower)

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Anhey Gorhey Da Daan, Alms For a Blind Horse (2011)

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Marieke Van Der Velden

African Radio Stations


When Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) celebrated 60 years of broadcasting, they commissioned me to photograph five of their projects around the world. To shoot these stories I travelled to Paraguay, Benin, Indonesia, Germany and Suriname.

The photo essays were used in RNW’s annual reports and brochures and on its website. When Radio Netherlands held a 60th anniversary gala in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the photographs covered the walls. 

In 2010, the broadcasting organization NPS blew up the photos and hung them in their radio studios as wallpaper . (artist stetement)



Pakistan’s beauties. All heads covered: These stamps were issued in 1993 postmarked at Philatelic Bureau Peshawar.
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Pakistan’s beauties. All heads covered: These stamps were issued in 1993 postmarked at Philatelic Bureau Peshawar.

Via Sherry Rehman on Twitter.

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Indra Dugar (1949-1952)

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Paris in color in the early 1900s. See more photos here…


Asian Home Arseny Blinov

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Frank Hallam Day.

Old Lahore City, Pakistan


William Albert Allard.


1. Amrutbhai Savasya, scavenger caste, Gujarat, 2002

2. Woman in a rock quarry, Bihar, 2002

3. Boy playing, Bihar,  2002

4. Untouchable midwife with discarded baby, Bihar, 2002

5. Street Market in Untouchable neighborhood, Mumbai, 2002

6. Laxman Singh, Rajasthan, 2002

7. Ramprasad and Ramlakhan, Uttar Pradesh, 2002

8. Child of the Dhobi caste, Yamuna River, Delhi, 2002


Paris n’existe pas


Playtime, Issac Julien